Here at Dermal Aesthetics, we offer a range of Facial Treatments either in the comfort of your home or in the comfort of a clinic.

We advocate a natural effect to boost your confidence and enhance your personal well-being by using the highest quality products to give long lasting effective results.

We use the leading Anti-Wrinkle Treatments and Dermal Fillers on the market to ensure your results are

in-line with our ethos.

   Anti Aging Consultations 

Available for 

Crow’s feet

Frown Lines

Brow lift/ Hooded eyes

Forehead Lines

Top of nose (bunny lines)

Gummy Smile

Turned Down Mouth

Under Arm Sweating

Masseter Muscle/Jaw slimming

dermal fillers

Available from:

  • 0.5ml from £130.00

  • 1ml from £140.00

Local Anaesthetic prior to treatment £20.00.

All treatments have anaesthetic cream applied prior to administration of products

Available Treatments:

Lip enhancement

Nasolabial folds (nose to mouth)

Perioral Lines (smokers lines)

Marionette lines (mouth to chin)

Scars, deep lines and creases and Chin

Brow Lift

Cheek Enhancement

Tear troughs/eyes

Jaw and Jowl softening

Nose Augmentation

Liquid Face lift

Be Yourself &

Feel Your Best!

Please note that there is no guarantee on effectiveness of any treatments, results depend upon each individual and how the body adapts and responds to the products used.


If you would like to see some before and after pictures of some of our recent treatments, please check our

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Owner & Founder of Dermal Aesthetics, Cheryl Thomas has trained in cosmetic aesthetics with the prestigious Dr Steve Hennessy at the Hennessy Academy.