Dermaplaning is a non-invasive procedure to remove fine vellus hair, upper Epidermal layers of dead skin and microscopic debris such as old makeup and creams.

The procedure stimulates cell renewal, minimises fine lines, pigmentation, scarring and large pores. It allows the newly exposed cells to be hydrated and absorb nutrient rich serums easily. 

Dermaplaning does not cause stubble or hair to grow back thick, this is a myth. It is more effective and safer than Microdermabrasion.

Face Treatment     £30.00

Face and Neck       £40.00

Medical Peel

Medical peels are non abrasive solutions formulated to remove the upper dermal layers that have accumulated. The skin cells are able to renew and this leads to the reduction of wrinkles, Pigmentation, congestion and dull thickened areas.

Peels are beneficial for fine lines, dehydrated skin ,premature  aging, acne and scar reduction.

The type of medical peel will be advised after a thorough consultation and examination of the skin and then a prescriptive treatment plan will be offered.

Medical Peel £45.00.

Course of 3   £120.00.

Dermaplane/Peel course £150.00.