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What is Botox?

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Botox is a prescription only medicine that temporarily blocks the contraction of muscles. The muscle is then relaxed and temporarily lessens the appearance of lines on the face.

Botulinum toxin may cause side effects in some people, although most will not have any.

The side effects that may occur in the first few days of injection and are temporary.

The most common side effects are headache, drooping of the eyelid, skin redness, local muscle weakness and facial pain.

Other side effects can be related to the injection such as bruising, redness, pain, burning, stinging and swelling.

Botox has a remarkably safe history and has been studied for its uses with muscular disorders since 1817. The Botullium toxin is purified for medical use and is safe.

The results of treatment are seen 1-2 weeks after injection. Treatment has been shown to be effective for 3-4 months but typically lasts up to 12 weeks.

However this will depend on the condition of the skin, area treated and life-style factors such as smoking, sun exposure, age and metabolism.

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