One of the latest additions to our wide range of laser treatments, please contact us if you would like to book in for a consultation.
Laser Treatment
Trilogy Ice

Trilogy ice is a safe treatment that can treat hair that is golden blonde to black hair to face and body and is virtually painless.


The lasers 3 wavelengths simultaneously target the hair follicle to provide a comprehensive hair reduction.


Results can be seen from the very first session.

Benefits of the Trilogy Ice Treatment

Super Fast Treatment

Precision Application

Safe And Virtually Painless

Suitable For All Skin Types


Amazing Results

To get the best results from these treatments, we recommend 6 - 8 sessions.

Please note sunbed and sun tanning cannot be done whilst undergoing the course of treatments

Treatment Images

Treatment start from £40.00 for small areas such as top lip, between eyebrows back of neck and side burns

Medium areas such as Bikini line, under arm and buttock area £60.00

Large areas such as legs (1/2 leg) and arms £100.00

Courses can be purchased as a package which will reduce the cost of the entire treatment.
All treatments require a full consultation and test patch prior to commencing treatment.